Brand New Fall Collection!

The new fall collection for Chloe and Isabel is here and it’s so, so gorgeous. Pop on over and take a look.

Anthropology: Studying Myself

I don’t have a lot of time to myself anymore. I sleep late, get up, go to work, and then most likely see my boyfriend. Yeah. I know. I have one. It’s still… Continue reading


House Hunting Part 3, I think

I’ve been really busy lately. Like uncharacteristically busy. I’m up at 430 on a Friday because I was doing homework. Why? Because I’ve got 3 open houses to go to tomorrow before work.… Continue reading

Huge Jewelry Sale!!!

  50-75% OFF SELECTED ITEMS. if you’ve been on the fence about buying something because it’s a bit too expensive, do it now, we’re talking $9 necklaces!!!!

How You Are Going to Save Up For That Jewelry You Want

If you have followed me for a little while, you know I am a jewelry merchandiser for Chloe & Isabel. Their jewelry is really cool, which makes it easy for me to promote… Continue reading

Artist – Heike Weber

Originally posted on jadesecho:
Super cool artist Heike Weber creates these intricate installations with permanent marker on acrylic and vinyl floors. It is amazing how she just uses permanent markers in big white…


Originally posted on And this is why I will die alone surrounded by cats.:
The colours don’t quite work do they? Ah fuck it. I’ve got a crazy busy weekend coming up so…

Stay Updated on Promotions for Incredible Jewels!

I’ve made a facebook page! Yay! 

On Vegas

I’ve never been to Tokyo, but I imagine it’s something like Vegas. Probably more efficient though. I’m not very good at drinking. Occasionally I can still get wasted and enjoy myself, but usually… Continue reading