Holiday Gift Ideas! On A Budget!

Hi friends. I’ve been more MIA lately, dealing with a lot of personal things as well as school, work, and sleeping too much. You may remember that back in June, I signed on… Continue reading

A Project

OH MY GOD THESE PAST FEW WEEKS!! MONTHS!! YEARS!! So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m incredibly unhappy in San Francisco, and am going to move back home to reboot. But more… Continue reading

September is Suicide Awareness Month

This is a paper I’m writing for my English class. This is the first draft. It will get better. And it’s very personal. Girlhood Most high school seniors go off to college with… Continue reading

This Week’s Collages

Doing these for homework is hard. Like I actually have to think about why I’m putting on the paper what I’m putting on the paper (that was a disgraceful¬†use of the English language).

Things I’m Buying: How to Look Cute for Not Too Much Money

I think I’m hyped up from this tea I drank…that and my boyfriend left for Mexico today, so I have a lot of energy and some time to kill. My creative juices are… Continue reading


Originally posted on Broken Light: A Photography Collective:
Please say hello to first-time contributor¬†Ian Arneson, a 29-year-old photographer and digital artist based in Sterling, Virginia. Ian suffers from severe depression and anxiety, and…


Here are some images from my graphic design in fashion class, followed by some collages I made for the first homework assignment. I wish there was a career in professional collaging.

In the Working Class

So I moved! Like, I moved my stuff from one place to another and all went well. I was kind of scared something terrible would happen at the last minute, like “Oh just… Continue reading

I’m Moving Tomorrow!

Tonight it’s just me, these now very blank walls, and everything I have to pack. My roommate is still gone, and my boyfriend is doing math homework. I don’t really have all that… Continue reading

Brand New Fall Collection!

The new fall collection for Chloe and Isabel is here and it’s so, so gorgeous. Pop on over and take a look.